Monday, January 23, 2006

Knitted Babe Free Dress Pattern

Description: This dress was knit out of my extra stash of a Red Heart worsted weight yarn I think it was called plush. I used size 7 needles (US) in the round and worked it all in one piece. It's worked from bottom up.

Pattern: CO 40 sts. Knit in the round until about 3" or so. Next I decreased by *K2tog, K5* repeat around. Knit until another 1 1/2" or so. Decrease another round: *K2tog, K6* around. Knit again for about 1". Decrease again for chest/sleeve area: *K2tog, K4* around (here mine was about 24 stitches at end of this row). Knit one row around.
Sleeve rows: 1st row: BO3, K9, BO3, K9. 2nd row: CO2, K3, K2tog, K3, CO2, K3, K2tog, K3.
Now I decreased as I liked for the neck (so if you want a bigger turtleck or no neck you'll have to adjust here). I decreased around evenly for 2 rows to get 12 stitches and worked it up in around in a rib stitch (K1, P1 around). When I got to 5 rows of this I made the last row looser by knitting into the front and back of every stitch (creating 24 stitches). Then I bound off. Weave in ends.

Comments: If your babe is fatter or of different size you may have to inc or lower needle size. I think I'll make another one even longer and with a longer neck that I will cont. to increase the last row of stitches on to give it a flowing ruffle type cowl type neck. This was a piece of cake to knit up in my scrap yarns. I forsee many multi colored dresses, shirts and skirts with this pattern adjusted a bit!

Scarf: My scarf was a strand of fingering yarn with a strain of Fiore held together and chained to about 60 chains on a crochet F hook. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Super Soft Afghan

Description first: Just ignore the monkey! This is really just a bigger version of the Super Easy Baby Blanket. For this one I used #13 US circular needles not connecting in the round but just knitting back and forth. Yarn used was 4 strands held together of various strands (2 wstd wt, 1 baby wt, 1 spt...for example). My gauge was a bit tighter than the baby blanket (see super easy baby blanket pattern) because of the smaller needles.

Pattern: co about 120 sts (very loosely or go one size up on needles for cast on and off). Knit the whole thing back and forth adding in yarn as it is used up (I used up tons of scraps in my stash). I just kept knitting the whole thing until it was bigger than a twin bed and then bound off. Weave in all ends.

Comments: Use at least one or two softer yarns or baby yarns to add real softness. My son stole this one after the monkey did and uses it on his bed (even though this one has alot of baby pastels--its soft). You can fringe the ends of the blanket if you like or add tons of pompoms or whatnots to it to jazz it up. The 4 different yarns give it nice varying color patterns. Happy stash reduction!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Super Easy Baby Blanket!

Description first: I used 4strands of various yarns held together (1dk wt, 2 spt wt, 1 wstd wt). My gauge was approx: 7st/11rows for 4"x4" with size 17 US & #19 US needles.

Pattern: co 54 sts on #19 needles & then begin to knit on #17 needles. This is to give you a loose cast on. Next work the piece back and forth all in knit until piece measures about 34" or other desired length. Now use the larger #19 needles to bind off with. I made 2 1/4" pompoms and attached to each corner. Weave in all yarn ends and attach pompoms.

Comments: I used up tons of soft baby yarns of various colors and made several of these quick knits for baby gift along with a hat. Everyone loves them and its great for stash reduction!

Skinnybutt Scarf Pattern

Description first:

Use 2 different types of yarns, for example I used red heart white worsted weight with a yarn by Bernat (a nice fuzzy one-I lost the label). #9 US needles co 10 sts. I thought later that 11 sts or other odd # would have been better. This scarf is a scrap use up project. It has a seed stitch on beg. and ending rows and garter border to lay flatter, with stocking st. in the middle.

Pattern: co 10 stitches. Row 1: k2, seed st to last 2 st, k2. Row 2: k2, seed st until last 2, k2. row 3: knit entire row. Row 4: k2, purl until last 2 sts, k2. Repeat rows 3&4 until desired length then do 1st 2 rows and bind off. Add fringe or pompons to ends as desired.

Comments: My niece loved this and I made a matching hat!

Hello everyone! I decided to open a site to post my patterns so I don't lose them. I'll get them off my two sites and put them all here. I have a dishcloth and scarf pattern so far. I will add them on hopefully this weekend.

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