Monday, January 23, 2006

Knitted Babe Free Dress Pattern

Description: This dress was knit out of my extra stash of a Red Heart worsted weight yarn I think it was called plush. I used size 7 needles (US) in the round and worked it all in one piece. It's worked from bottom up.

Pattern: CO 40 sts. Knit in the round until about 3" or so. Next I decreased by *K2tog, K5* repeat around. Knit until another 1 1/2" or so. Decrease another round: *K2tog, K6* around. Knit again for about 1". Decrease again for chest/sleeve area: *K2tog, K4* around (here mine was about 24 stitches at end of this row). Knit one row around.
Sleeve rows: 1st row: BO3, K9, BO3, K9. 2nd row: CO2, K3, K2tog, K3, CO2, K3, K2tog, K3.
Now I decreased as I liked for the neck (so if you want a bigger turtleck or no neck you'll have to adjust here). I decreased around evenly for 2 rows to get 12 stitches and worked it up in around in a rib stitch (K1, P1 around). When I got to 5 rows of this I made the last row looser by knitting into the front and back of every stitch (creating 24 stitches). Then I bound off. Weave in ends.

Comments: If your babe is fatter or of different size you may have to inc or lower needle size. I think I'll make another one even longer and with a longer neck that I will cont. to increase the last row of stitches on to give it a flowing ruffle type cowl type neck. This was a piece of cake to knit up in my scrap yarns. I forsee many multi colored dresses, shirts and skirts with this pattern adjusted a bit!

Scarf: My scarf was a strand of fingering yarn with a strain of Fiore held together and chained to about 60 chains on a crochet F hook. Enjoy!


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