Saturday, January 07, 2006

Skinnybutt Scarf Pattern

Description first:

Use 2 different types of yarns, for example I used red heart white worsted weight with a yarn by Bernat (a nice fuzzy one-I lost the label). #9 US needles co 10 sts. I thought later that 11 sts or other odd # would have been better. This scarf is a scrap use up project. It has a seed stitch on beg. and ending rows and garter border to lay flatter, with stocking st. in the middle.

Pattern: co 10 stitches. Row 1: k2, seed st to last 2 st, k2. Row 2: k2, seed st until last 2, k2. row 3: knit entire row. Row 4: k2, purl until last 2 sts, k2. Repeat rows 3&4 until desired length then do 1st 2 rows and bind off. Add fringe or pompons to ends as desired.

Comments: My niece loved this and I made a matching hat!


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