Saturday, January 07, 2006

Super Easy Baby Blanket!

Description first: I used 4strands of various yarns held together (1dk wt, 2 spt wt, 1 wstd wt). My gauge was approx: 7st/11rows for 4"x4" with size 17 US & #19 US needles.

Pattern: co 54 sts on #19 needles & then begin to knit on #17 needles. This is to give you a loose cast on. Next work the piece back and forth all in knit until piece measures about 34" or other desired length. Now use the larger #19 needles to bind off with. I made 2 1/4" pompoms and attached to each corner. Weave in all yarn ends and attach pompoms.

Comments: I used up tons of soft baby yarns of various colors and made several of these quick knits for baby gift along with a hat. Everyone loves them and its great for stash reduction!


Blogger Carla said...

I like the way you think missy!!
Need to figure out how to make pompoms still....

12:50 PM  

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